Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway)
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      الواد دا معفن اصلا عامل نفسو بنت وتف

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      Hold on did James just said *bleep*?

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      What about me I am a big fan so fly and design my room

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      @Jess u didn’t no offence unless your just saying that

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    ZHC is literally the MrBeast of art. *Change my mind.*

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    kireina oficial

    Beranda oi

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    Mia Carrillo

    How many “omg” did y’all count


    i like the balenciagas *but the ones that look like socks*

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    Hang Ava

    The rainbow fire shoes are sick

  • mimi Plays roblox
    mimi Plays roblox

    but i have those shoes- i got them for $135 and its the same shoes

    • mimi Plays roblox
      mimi Plays roblox

      omg nvm sryyy

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    Maylin Plays

    what markes do you use

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    I really like how they edited the video. It look so awesome and i enjoy every video that i watch in this channel.

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    Mega DS

    yo Leo and Zack have the same BRAIN tho

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    Danette Dela Cruz

    Attack on titan amon kuyang a drawing

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    Zach: You can try this at home Zach’s Edit: Don’t try this at home

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    I love that you put so much money and afford in amazing artwork and then give it away to friends,celeberties,fans and strangers you are so talented and i look up to you🥺❤️

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    Diego Jimenez

    James looks so happy but that looks cool.

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    Ice cream the Angel Dragon

    Take a shot every time James Charles says omg

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    Anisha Anil

    Zhc always customize using his signature solar system 😝

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    Anisha Anil

    Leo does better art than zhc🤔

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    Lucia Isdale

    LOL james charles

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    Minnie Peck

    The rainbow bricks were definitely my favorite!! You’re a really good artist!

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    Hi ZHC aka Zack I

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    I havent seen anyone so happy about traffic😂

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    I didn't expected Hi Sisters at 00:08

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    oh ok??$$$$

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    I love this lol

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    Music Fun

    James Charles talks so fast

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    ZHC: James pls give us a good reaction for this lol James charles: your wish is my command...

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    James be dripen

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    Pls me

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    I am not a sister 😂😂

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    hI sIsTaRs!!!!!!!!

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    The backpack looks like A mungas

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    It’s funny how when they came James said ‘’oh hi SiStERrRSSs

    • Jeff

      Time is 6:25

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    Jazmyn Sepulveda

    O. MY. GOD.

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    Russell Conley III

    I wish I had some Balenciaga Sock Shoes🥺

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    • Strawberry Zagu •

    7:26 his reaction 😂 so funny but Great Video 🤗🤗

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    ZHC is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good at art (like if you agree)

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    yes who cears

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    The shoes look cool and like it’s cool how he is so good at painting and he is si creative

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    Ehden Burdick

    These are the coolest thing ever love you Zach

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    plz i will cry if u dont

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    Leen Basma,hassan,basma

    Wow james looks good👍👍👍👌👌

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    What pens does he use?

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    Hi No

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    Luna midnight ÙwÚ

    Zach just asking can your giveaways reach the phillipines? Cause i was thinking that you give give aways but can it reach the phillipines? Just asking hope you reply

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    Itzayana Colin

    my nephew loves you're videos so plz give him a shout out.btw his name is Ethan

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    That is sooooooo cool

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    Is James a boy or girl

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    When u don’t have Instagram-

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    She says oh my god at least 50 times

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    I love James Charles

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    IS james charles a boy or a girl

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    that poor macbook james was putting the shoes on

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    I would love a space theme thing created by u love u and could u pls show this comment in a video bye I love u zhc Michelle and everyone else

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    Hello Sisters

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    When u came to the door James was like HI SISTERS!

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    Lol can one presen tell me how much time James say OMG

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    Sorry I can’t. But l love ur artwork it’s so awesome 😎

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    20 years later terraforming the earth

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