Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New Custom Tesla
We "destroyed" my friend's car and bought him a new custom tesla!
You won't believe what car we got him!
He ended up wanting a model S instead so in one of the future videos we got him a model S instead of this model 3
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  • Jadi Smock
    Jadi Smock

    Nice that you gave him a new car even better than his old car

  • claire lavador
    claire lavador

    Wow thats fantastic😶🤯🤯😱😱😱😱

  • the FULLER fam
    the FULLER fam

    ZHC: I just spent hours on this drawing. Michelle: so you want me to...Destroy?

  • Ivy Buraglio
    Ivy Buraglio

    What is that awesome music at 1:10 through 1:20 in the video?

  • Joshua Mathew
    Joshua Mathew

    Yours and Leo's art is phenomenal I love it I wish I could be an artist like you two

  • Lucina Lewin
    Lucina Lewin

    Bad telesa car

  • Adiar Kaytoli
    Adiar Kaytoli

    who wants a wrap when you have ZHC

  • Roblox-Beast

    give something to leo if you havent already

  • Lucilla Esquibel
    Lucilla Esquibel

    Zhc in 2036. I am going to customize a hole air plane

  • Lucilla Esquibel
    Lucilla Esquibel

    My parents don't draw on the wall ZHC draw on a Tesla

  • TravelerHayden

    dax: "can i have the car it look nice"

  • Santosh Mahajan
    Santosh Mahajan

    i really like your videos bro superb work

  • alejandra rodriguez
    alejandra rodriguez

    Can anyone tell me the song of the montage

  • Ahmad Saber
    Ahmad Saber

    7020 customizing hevean 😳

  • Badeaa salman
    Badeaa salman


  • Juvy Don
    Juvy Don

    the hero is from mlbb bruh

  • Abby Yvonne
    Abby Yvonne

    U look like Decker with the lightning Affect

  • Will Beattie
    Will Beattie

    Dax: can I have the car? Me: 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer

    His assistant was still using his car

  • Holley Williams
    Holley Williams

    Can I be his assistant? Lol

  • Alex szczoczarz
    Alex szczoczarz

    Hi ZHC pls notice me

  • Garett Miles
    Garett Miles

    2050 customising the hole universe in 24 hours

  • Nic Morrison
    Nic Morrison

    i wonder what happened between him and leo?

  • Fathimath Rahuma
    Fathimath Rahuma

    I wish i was like ZHC 1:17

  • Fathimath Rahuma
    Fathimath Rahuma

    ZHC in 3040: i am going to mars planet just to customize it

  • Kosovo Salihu
    Kosovo Salihu

    Can you customize my car

  • Aadrita britista
    Aadrita britista

    vould u give me a custom airpod pro (free)?

  • Dominiks Zvirbulis
    Dominiks Zvirbulis

    Can you do teching lesson how to draw soo good bicause im trying to draw like you but i dosnt look enything like yours drawings

  • Corina Kaiser
    Corina Kaiser

    Take all Michelle's pink pens and hide them so she doesn't scribble all over your work unu

  • Drip lizard Very drip
    Drip lizard Very drip


  • Owen Doody
    Owen Doody

    If He actually wants to destroy the car just get a sledge hammer and then destroy the car.

  • Hi

    You are so good at drawing

  • Sydney Johnston
    Sydney Johnston

    I feel like he’s the best custom

  • Neelam Ali
    Neelam Ali

    Its customISE a car... no offence

  • Bogdan Scutelnic
    Bogdan Scutelnic

    Moi aussi j' ai un lezard.

  • Adam Goldstein
    Adam Goldstein

    Zhc putting water and saying he destroyed the car. Me:wow thanks, you washed it for me!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    i love all ur videos :) im subscribe ❤️

  • Annette Farkas
    Annette Farkas

    I dare you to do a challenge whoever stops coloring customizing all you have to give them the last one to leave get some million

  • Candy

    Zach in 2040: hey guys today I’m going to be customizing a whole town. Zach in 3000: hey guys today I’m going to be customizing the whole continent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amal madrek
    amal madrek


  • ashraf Burhan
    ashraf Burhan

    Can you buy a car and draw naruto goku luffy at it

  • Roxanne Crovador
    Roxanne Crovador

    You are the best

  • Christian Pritchard
    Christian Pritchard

    He's growing to fast 😂

  • Raizel Grossman
    Raizel Grossman

    sponser your own video

  • Angelina Twinkle MSP
    Angelina Twinkle MSP

    2073: Surprising my girlfriend with a costumised planet!


    6:27 Electric car leaks oil??!!

  • SaltyBeachHair

    ZHC you are such a great friend actually a great person

  • Purple grape
    Purple grape

    6:26 Leo said oil leaking Tesla’s are electric

  • Andrzej Pieczuro
    Andrzej Pieczuro

    *Zhc in 2056 , Customising a rocket ship to a custom planet with custom aliens and a custom city🤣!*

  • Makaila Hegwood
    Makaila Hegwood

    Oh my God you can even customize a car... The talent...

  • JustARandomPearson lol
    JustARandomPearson lol

    I'm doing my art assignment while i watch this, if you didn't try watching a video of ZHC's while drawing, well, i acn tell you it's pure masochism-


    mom i'm sorry but what the (oof)

  • pie man
    pie man

    Everyone:wow he customised tesla Me: wow is sponsor by twitch

  • Reuben Vinil George
    Reuben Vinil George

    ZHC you are the king this the best drawing ever in the world all of your drawings are so so so so cool I LOVE YOU

  • Jamain Smith
    Jamain Smith

    I do not like your GF

  • Twitch. ryzegn_
    Twitch. ryzegn_

    and pls give my mom and dad good things i love your vids

  • Twitch. ryzegn_
    Twitch. ryzegn_

    pls mei want you guys too supis my family pls

  • Mussa king
    Mussa king

    Can I get one plzz I live in Pakistan plz

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    catherine seagar

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  • Desare' Gilmore
    Desare' Gilmore

    Is the third character revenant from apex!!! Oml that’s my favorite game ever!! For sure a lifeline main

  • Cody Filori
    Cody Filori

    Another good video ☺️

  • ConnorKenway2022

    I hope the songs aren't copyrighted

  • dr zareena azeem
    dr zareena azeem

    I promise U he is gonna customise an entire city one day

  • Jaadeღ

    Hahaha did u enjoy destroying ur friends car? 😆

  • גליה קופשטיין
    גליה קופשטיין

    what is your name on tiktok?

  • Budak Jimbo
    Budak Jimbo

    Hye ZHC 🙂 Im from Malaysia, Asian country .. I already subscribe you for a long time.. And im one of your fans.. I follow you because i love your art works ❤️ Hopefully you notice my comment here and before 🙏 Looking forwards about your “international give away”☺️

  • Lt. User_R
    Lt. User_R

    I'm never going to win the giveaway, it's a 1% chance, so I might just unsubscribe

  • Jakeplayz

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    Jeremy Wolf


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    Ipshita Thakur

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    tashi wangmo

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    Hedija Nevesinjac

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    Hedija Nevesinjac

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    Justin Playz

    Is it me or does ZHC put a difficult timeframe in his videos

  • ASneakerAffair

    damn your such a real, awesome dood...


    Sorry I can't follow on instagram as I am not allowed to use instagram but in utube I have suscribed to all your channels sir

  • Gnoanne Delacruz
    Gnoanne Delacruz

    Wow CallOfDuty paint in a car????? What the hell. Can Philippines please have cars like this!!! HAHAHAHA I'm having fun with my social life now. All thanks to ZHC. ✨

  • kelvin mwangi
    kelvin mwangi

    no 26. lets twitch.

  • Gnoanne Delacruz
    Gnoanne Delacruz

    Hope they can do free online arts classes in the future so Philippines will be as colorful as their place. I'm a single mom and still studying Prelaw who never graduated coz I'm too passionate in arts. For my entire years spent in college, I letgo arts to get passing grades, not until when I found ZHC popped on my Facebook, it changed my life just now. Thankyousomuch ZHC.

  • Lyra KittyCat
    Lyra KittyCat

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    Huzaifa Poonawala

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    noor noor

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    noor noor

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    Hanifa Bokhari

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    Lia Rivera

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    Shaun Ygnazius Santos

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    wither S

    u gothim a crappy car sike its better than mine :(

  • Bernadette Pierre
    Bernadette Pierre

    You guys just made me love Teslas I never new they were this cool love your channel

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    S Alamares


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    raghad alhasna

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  • Varox Studios
    Varox Studios

    imagine Elon is watchen this and has commented Please cusumize a tesla for him! :D

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    Itai Ofan

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    Omar Vielma Femat

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