I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom Tesla!
I surprised MrBeast with a custom Tesla!
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  • MrBeast

    Thank you so much! I really loved the car!

    • Gindianak Lumang
      Gindianak Lumang

      Hi Jimmy

    • Mirjana Ljubic
      Mirjana Ljubic

      Im a fan

    • Sanjoe Veloso
      Sanjoe Veloso

      Mr.beast is filming beat the perfect dude's 😁

    • kasia konarska
      kasia konarska

      Mrbeast didn't even use the car

    • I forgot I was a YouTuber
      I forgot I was a YouTuber

      MrBeast how can u be 1 a legit GOD 2 give away like 1.3 million dollars a year 3 not be bankrupt 4 not be kicked out of every car dealership Walmart target and GameStop


    Michelle : I am painting the car pink . ZHC : Do you know that the lighting supposed to be pink ? Michelle : Darn it . ZHC : Bye Bye. Me : Hahahahaha I think Michelle never ever saw the MR BEAST LOGO

  • anonymous gaming
    anonymous gaming

    I like the intro

  • Paris Truøng Speedpaints!
    Paris Truøng Speedpaints!


  • Jesslyn Wu
    Jesslyn Wu

    mr beast is a best

  • Roblox

    Can u pls do a another Mr beast video pls his reactions are so funny!

  • Tho Menghuy
    Tho Menghuy


  • Fayette Rames
    Fayette Rames

    The marvelous medicine potentially slip because test considerably film circa a kindly dance. oval, wandering niece

  • Fatoom Bloushi
    Fatoom Bloushi

    MR Beast I l-o-v-e love your videos and you too [ZCH]!

  • Michael Ssentongo
    Michael Ssentongo

    I'm a fan

  • Dlezihc


  • S.A.

    I fell bad for chandler

  • Coolmanbray 121
    Coolmanbray 121



    Jimmy: Disgusting Me: its disgussing-

  • Guru Guru
    Guru Guru

    your videos are super ZHC

  • scorpion d4
    scorpion d4

    Can u give car to mo


    JHC in 2055: surprising mr beast. With cotumized new planet🤣🤣

  • Nicola Wen
    Nicola Wen

    Omg what HOW

  • Distroyal

    Chris: what are you gonna do, paint a house? Jimmy:If you do that I want it Zhc: uploads a video called “Surprising Mrbeast with a custom house” Also jimmy: Gives it to a friend.

  • ronjon05

    It's funny how some ppl make an entire video dedicated to buying a tesla, but ZHC bought one and spent 5 seconds showing it!

  • Precious Rivera
    Precious Rivera

    😎 So cool 😎

  • Mickie Mitchell
    Mickie Mitchell

    Hello sh*t

  • BlizzardGames

    Zhc in 2060 surprising mrbeast with his own mrbeast robot Zhc in 2080 surprising mrbeast with his own mrbeast city

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith


  • chimenem weli
    chimenem weli

    I love your videos

  • Cutie Bean
    Cutie Bean

    My friend has that deku picture but on her backpack

  • Bendy The Ink Demon
    Bendy The Ink Demon


  • M A Z X W hail
    M A Z X W hail

    Thx to mrbeast 😀😍😘

  • Joel seerey
    Joel seerey

    Who are simply placing play

  • Joel seerey
    Joel seerey


  • Joel seerey
    Joel seerey


  • Cactus Fantastic
    Cactus Fantastic

    The bit where infinite came me😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • 1B05 陳思成 CHEN SZE SHING
    1B05 陳思成 CHEN SZE SHING

    I thought ZHC didn’t give it to Mr. Beast

  • nyezi Mkhize
    nyezi Mkhize

    I'm in South Africa tho

  • Issa der aggressiver gamer Remmo
    Issa der aggressiver gamer Remmo

    He is cheating to get moer subs un subskrieb

  • Jasmine Salih
    Jasmine Salih


  • Coco

    hello mr beast I’m fan

  • Luna Ocean
    Luna Ocean

    your really cool

  • •l ɴᴀᴜᴛɪᴋ •
    •l ɴᴀᴜᴛɪᴋ •

    Mrbeast : Giveawaying for Chris ZHC : "DAMNIT CHRIS!!!" me : oops

  • Shah Kabir
    Shah Kabir

    What the Frick was that infinite just saying SaTiSfYiNg

  • Misti Pruitt
    Misti Pruitt

    I love you Mr beast 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dark Vixen
    Dark Vixen

    There's something wrong where there's so much light effects it's weird

  • Caleb Cordova
    Caleb Cordova

    Just imagine making a very bad mistake.

  • zadie dudy
    zadie dudy


  • marcia amanda deadora
    marcia amanda deadora


  • Amy Matson
    Amy Matson

    I know what video Mr beast was filming plus you inspired me to customize

  • yuvraj s
    yuvraj s

    11:18 U should see Chandler's face omg

  • Julia Windi Gunadi
    Julia Windi Gunadi

    I just realized hes shirt is deku XD

    • Julia Windi Gunadi
      Julia Windi Gunadi

      Well not anymore

  • Rasha Nabil
    Rasha Nabil

    You and your team is the best drawing people i have ever seen

  • EarthUnicornz!

    ZHC is a true artist! Especially when he uses his art to surprise others!

  • Pau Daniel
    Pau Daniel

    Caylus: santisfaying

  • Lucas Ramirez
    Lucas Ramirez

    Yooo you are a artist boy its sick

  • Haedyn Yost
    Haedyn Yost

    Aw I was cheering for chandler lol

  • Rozha Jaza
    Rozha Jaza

    So nobody talking about the izuku wallet-

  • Cupcake Corner
    Cupcake Corner

    I would follow Chris in his car just because I would want to say hello

  • Dr.Blixxx DrBliz
    Dr.Blixxx DrBliz

    I just loved how he wears that deku shirt

  • XodiG

    Is everyone gonna ignore the deku hoddie and wallet 😳✌🏻✨

  • 1kawaii_cake1

    Pls go to Canada 🇨🇦 and surprise itfunneh x the Krew with customize car pls pick mee

  • 1kawaii_cake1

    Pls go to Canada 🇨🇦 and surprise itfunneh x the Krew pls pick mee

  • Top 7 Tech
    Top 7 Tech

    It's like giving a bucket water as a gift to ocean itself !!

  • Anis Yanni
    Anis Yanni

    Plz I want to win something

  • Asif Ahmed
    Asif Ahmed

    Bro surprise PewDiePie also

  • Asif Ahmed
    Asif Ahmed

    Assalamualaikum everyone 😊

  • Asif Ahmed
    Asif Ahmed

    Think of only one little mistake in the drawing. The whole car gone in water

  • Tony Farthing
    Tony Farthing

    Zack and mr. Beast I love you guys you guys are the best

  • Jean Aviles
    Jean Aviles

    Mr mom

  • Shilpa Kalyan
    Shilpa Kalyan


  • Noemi Ro
    Noemi Ro

    Heyyyy metal gear!!!

  • The Galaxy Elephant
    The Galaxy Elephant

    ZHC In 2040: Destroying Saturn And Suprsing NASA With a New One!

  • Aiyana Christopher
    Aiyana Christopher

    Mr.Beast and ZHC are my biggest fan

  • GabMacVlogs

    ZHC 3099:surprising people with a customized planet

  • Ak gamer
    Ak gamer

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ aise hi I am sorry babu bolo na babu

  • Shiloh Garcia
    Shiloh Garcia


  • Sofiarose Molejon
    Sofiarose Molejon

    Nobody literally: Chris:Excuse me your in the ways of my car

    • Zame18



    aww chandler 😢

  • Collaboration Kids
    Collaboration Kids

    It’s so sad people stalk mrbeast 🥺 sure I’m a big fan but I wouldn’t stalk him 🥺 I would prob just knock at the door and say hi 🥺🥺

  • Eystreem


  • Carmela Duldulao
    Carmela Duldulao


  • Aiden Phillips
    Aiden Phillips

    your a great artist

  • Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson

    The malicious direction proximately label because song dentsply suppose against a proud backbone. foamy, trite boy

  • Carlyle FNAF
    Carlyle FNAF

    You guys should customize drones

  • Bentley Kureshi
    Bentley Kureshi


  • Lesley Cruz
    Lesley Cruz

    I love zhc so much

  • ting wang
    ting wang

    sub to mrbeast and zhc

  • Teyana Shaw
    Teyana Shaw

    if i add 10 more years to 2021 how much subcriber mreast, pewdiepie, and ZHC would have? only if youtube is still out

  • Gametime 2255
    Gametime 2255

    I think he is just jealous of mr beast

  • Zyrine Galang
    Zyrine Galang

    Surprise mrbeast a custom tree house

  • Landon Roblox
    Landon Roblox

    I hope you get to 20 million Keep up the good work

  • ray3322


  • Marisol Ramirezi
    Marisol Ramirezi

    It's super awesome I love it

  • Alison Thompson
    Alison Thompson

    The fact Zach watches mha makes meh speechless 😶

  • Flutra Osmani Mema
    Flutra Osmani Mema

    🚗🔌🔋Tesla Model X

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez

    Do you get those markers from

  • Fatbardha Krosa
    Fatbardha Krosa

    Did u know u put Caylus video

  • Guðrún E
    Guðrún E


  • Dream,s fan
    Dream,s fan

    Congratulations mr beast

  • Mitzileen Mantilla
    Mitzileen Mantilla

    I thing your the best Artest

  • Angela Biju
    Angela Biju

    No one Not even me My brother: meaty legs🤤

  • Nath the Pokemon master
    Nath the Pokemon master

    ZHC in 2080: Surprising MrBeast with a custom planet

    • Levi Ackermans Wife
      Levi Ackermans Wife

      Before that they will do a airplane

    • Topher The Doggo
      Topher The Doggo


  • Kemi Olanipekunjyfr4r3wdfggqthd5ycyk
    Kemi Olanipekunjyfr4r3wdfggqthd5ycyk

    Hello my name is Ameera