Surprising TikTok Celebrities With A $50,000 Custom Bus!
I surprised customized a school bus then gave it to Tik Tokers! We also surprised a ton of subscribers with custom gifts!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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We even drew LilHuddy , Addison Rae , Charli D'Amelio , Dixie D'Amelio and more on the bus

  • ZHC

    It’s fun surprising my friends but ultimately this helps me do more nice things for the community and people in need too since this all costs a lot of money! Hope you all understand that I’m not trying to flex or anything, I just love giving stuff to everyone and sometimes my friends too. Subscribe and I'll bring you on next time to win free custom items! Or I might just send you some :) Don't forget to subscribe to ZHC Crafts as well

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    “I put a towel here to try and keep me shaded” You could have at least put a white towel up: you might have just made it worse for yourself.

  • Steagle

    ZHC and Michelle are so cute together

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    Where have the days gone 300k to 20 million

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    the editing when you drove it it so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Imagine being in this dudes neighborhood your seeing a guy dancing when he got a bus and doing random things

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    James Charles is in the hype house

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    Have you ever had to tape a house for a video

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    Love this ,way cool, Cheers from our Space lounge in Finland and USA

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    ashlynn ward

    1 how did you buy a bus 2 clean the bus because buses are disgusting I feel very flexed on I don’t need a second house tho we already fixing up my house ZHC ripping up beautiful scetch me ripping up every scetch I do because it’s terrifying

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    Actually you guys can have a callange of last to leave the bus wins 10 thousand dollars

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    and grammer

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    zhc today guy we will be painting an airplane freids again

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    Idk who needs to say this but TikTok celebrities are NOT celebrities!

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    m o o n p i n k ꕥ

    everyone: doing normal flips to the pool Jen: maybe doing a fish flop I could win!! also Jen: 𝗗𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗳𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝗳𝗹𝗼𝗽* 3:43

  • Chelsea Kris.
    Chelsea Kris.

    ZHC when bored: hey guys i'm gonna cuztomizing Charli d'melio body (jokes)

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    Jose Ramon Panchame Bean

    A year later : Giving the hype house a mansion with 5 floors

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    Diana Penteliuc

    Zhc: lets go for a ride Me: dont u need a liscens to drive that?

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    Bye new white laces for ur shoes

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    this person is so generous , he puts his money to make people happy

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    HAHA B#### I’m laughing cuz you big mad see it in your face I don’t know the rest of the song

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    *me seeing him draw* *me struggling to draw a circle ⭕️ *

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    •{Gacha girl A}•

    In 2026; today we are painting a house and ALL of the furniture

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  • Gaming with Kiera & Riah
    Gaming with Kiera & Riah

    When you messed up your shoes you could have made a Mr beast logo cuz it's pink and blue 😂😂😂

  • Gaming with Kiera & Riah
    Gaming with Kiera & Riah

    Zhc James Charles with something

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    idk if thats legal to drive everywhere

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    I’ve made this bus the face on it is Ariana Grande

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    Anvitha Reddy

    Him-giving away 1000$ Me-should I spend my 0.99 cents 😭


    Zach(in 50 years): hey guys today we will be surprising NASA with a customized Moon.

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    Dorottya Mérai

    OMG! So rich!

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    ZHC in 30 years: Today were going to be customising the outside earth 🌎

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    ZHC: hey guys were gonna be customizing a brand new house for tiger woods! lol

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    ZHC: Today were going to coustimize a whole state for the hype house

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    25 years later: Hey guys today we are customizing a new Jupiter for the universe!

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    12 yrs later : Zach Surprising Ppl with a customized planet

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